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Record of Youth (2020)

Record of Youth (2020)


“Record of Youth” is a story about the youth of this generation who live in a world where the “spoon” you’re born with determines your life path and dreams are a luxury not everyone can afford.

Sa Hye Joon (Pak Bo Geom) is a realist who dreams of becoming a model and actor. He has a bright and warm personality, but he also knows how to look at the world objectively.

An Jung Ha (Pak So Dam) dreams of becoming a Make-up Artist. She is a smart, hard-working person who evaluates her abilities well. She does not give up easily, and steadily following her own path.

Won Hae Hyo (Pyeong Woo Suk) is a model and actor, Sa Hye Joon’s best friend. He is  a well educated and hard-working young man, but he is burdened by fierce competition. Won Hae Hyo hates it when people say he got the advantage of being born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He believes that he got to where he is because of an equal competition with his best friend.

Also known as: 청춘기록 Chungchungirok Cheongchungirok Youth Record A Record of Youth Youth Report Record of Youth/ The Moment 2020

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