Top 8: Suspense, Crime, Thriller and Legal Korean Dramas of 2020 (Week 1-14)

March 30, 2020

Who doesn’t loves an ample dose of suspense and crime fighting when it keeps us guessing over “who did it”.

It is enjoyable when our protagonists go up against the system to uncover corruption.  Year 2020 is on a great start for amazing Crime and Legal Kdramas.  There are a lot exciting titles on offer that no one should miss – because you will regret it.

So, just for you – we have gone so far as to make an exhaustive list of the best Suspense Thrillers and Political Korean dramas released until Week 14, 2020. LETS BEGIN!

1. 365: Repeat the Year (Ongoing)

Time-travel crime drama about a group of 10 people who are given an opportunity to reverse their time back to 365 days. In the process, they set off a series of events which have serious consequences.

Jy Hyung Joo is a hardened detective with a flair to solve nasty crimes for Seven years. He started his career as a traffic constable but made his way into the investigation department. As he gets the chance to reverse back time, he realizes there are unexplained events that are affecting a group of people. This alters his journey to focus on finding the truth.


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2. Memorist (Ongoing)

Supernatural Crime about about a gifted memorist, Dong Baek. He can access anyone’s memory by touching them. This ability gains him fame and stardom. He is not known to keep his guard down with criminals which does not go well with his department.

Han Sun Mi is one of the youngest women to clear the law exam and has a degree in Psychology. She was able to solve 5 cases that Dong Baek was not even able to. She is an exceptional detective.

Both their skills will be tested when a smart serial killer puts them to task.

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3. Nobody Knows (Ongoing)

Stigmata is the name of a serial killer who ran havoc in the country 20 years ago.

Young Jin lost her closest friend to a murder executed by the Stigmata. As a detective, she has been on the case to catch the killer. She is overwhelmed with the pain and loss all these years. Eun Ho is the neighbor’s kid where Young Jin lives. He helps her to shift things at her apartment. The boy opens a door at her apartment to witness something.

Sun Woo is related to Eun Ho. He believes Eun Ho is not a normal kid. Find out how it all plays out.

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4. Tell Me What You Saw (Ongoing)

Studying patterns and profiling criminals is the task of Oh Hyun Jae. He is known for his successful application of his skills.

However, fate didn’t favor him when his fiance gets murdered in a bomb explosion orchestrated by a serial killer.

Recent joinee at the police department is the young female officer, Cha Soo Young. She can remember crime scenes in vivid detail which is why she has been given the chance to work in the department. Oh Hyun Jae hesitatingly partners with this new detective to  find the Peppermint Killer who is responsible for the death of his fiance.


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6. The Game: Towards Zero (Completed)

What if you have the gift to predict someone’s death even before it happened. Kim Tae Pyung has the ability to see someone’s fate by looking into their eyes. He makes money out of his situation by charging rich clients.

Seo Joon Young meets Kim and weirdly so, he is not able to make  a prediction. Seo is a detective at the agency and Kim gets kidnapped for to abuse his powers. Find out what happens


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7. The Cursed (Completed)

Forest is the name of an IT company. Im Jin Hee is an investigative journalist who is working on an article over this company. The CEO of this company is known to use dark magic. As she deepens her research, she uncovers a link between the company and a dark magician. To side her in the fight, she meets So Jin who has powers of his own.

Find out whether the truth will ever come out.


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8. Money Game (Completed)

Financial Crime drama about a bank that is a about to go bankrupt. Three government officials are fighting it out to do what they think is right. All of them are passionate that they often go at each other. Chae Yi Heon works as an economist at a government institution and Heo Jae is a over zealous CEO and Lee Hye Jun is a rookie who recently joined the team. She is upstanding and ethically driven young woman.


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Hope you liked our list – feel free to chip in your suggestion and views in the comments section below.

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